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Texas based art advisor, Jana Cothren, has been bringing artists and collectors together to create sacred spaces for over nineteen years. Her goal is to empower you to create your own individual sacred art space. Through education and exposure to what is possible, she is breaking down the perceived barriers to collecting art, creating the understanding that art is accessible, and building relationships in a thriving art community. Representing a wide variety of well established, gallery and museum collected contemporary artists, from Texas, New York, California, Mexico and around the globe, she is uniquely positioned to assist in creating each collectors' unique artistic space.


Art and Possibility in the Time of Corona V

Dear Artists, Gallerists and Investors/Collectors,

I hope this finds you all doing well, in spite of the current challenges we are all facing collectively, as a community. There are so many questions swirling around in my mind. How can we collaborate in support of one another? How are we going to insure that artists can continue creating, and contributing to our culture? How can we adapt to this critical time in our history, in a way that will create enduring opportunities for everyone? I do not have all the answers, but what I do know, is that it starts with “WE” not “ME”. Collaboration is the key.

Think about it. It’s amazing really, that an artist possesses the ability to create all of this opportunity in a work of art, whether it be visual, musical, literary, or choreographed. Now think about a world without artists, without an opportunity to invest in certainty, bravery, infinity, possibility, salvation, joy, gratitude, knowledge, emotion, culture, history, or the ability to connect to all of this, through another person’s soul. How do we save the arts?

I do know the answer to this last question. The only way to save art is to save the artists. The saviors, the crucial cogs in the wheel at this critical juncture, are the investors/collectors. There is one incredibly simple solution. The path to salvation of the arts is to invest in art. The return on investment is exponential, because it continues to appreciate financially, culturally and emotionally. Art endures.

I invite all of you to continue the conversation, by sharing, with every artist, gallery, and investor/collector, or potential investor/collector you know. Please contact me anytime, to find out more about the numerous artists and galleries I am working with, and how you can invest in and support the world’s arts communities, at the same time. Please stay healthy and stay at home.

Art Love is the Best Love.

Warm Regards,


5% of profits goes to Children at Risk

Children at Risk is THE public policy non profit, on the forefront of protecting the well being of Texas’ children. Five percent of art commissions received by Cothren Contemporary are donated to Children at Risk. Your sacred space provides their safe space. For more information:


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By artist Jorge Puron and sculptor Susan Budge


Cothren Contemporary @ Mercury Project SA is delighted that the San Antonio Current has nominated us for Best Gallery 2019!

The Mercury Project is Hosting a Happy Hour Art Opening, But They Aren’t Telling Us What’s on Display!

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“Rovie” by artist Jorge Villarreal

Artist Spotlight

Jorge Villarreal

Cothren Contemporary is excited to represent works by San Antonio based contemporary abstract artist, Jorge Villarreal. His bicultural upbringing, as a Mexican-American straddling cultures between McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MX, and his education in architecture, combined with his curious spirit, talent as a photographer, and his love of experiencing other cultures result in his giving otherwise ordinary things, powerful and uniquely beautiful representation. Jorge is fresh off of a stint as a 2019 Blue Star Contemporary art resident in Berlin, Germany. Inspired by the graffiti’d walls of Berlin, his new, playful abstractions are invigorating examples of his ability to extract beauty from the mundane. The full breadth of his work, including works from his 2018 “Sink” series solo exhibition at La Fototeca de Cuba in Havana, are also available in-house with Cothren Contemporary. Please research Jorge’s career and art offerings, via his website: and inquire with for opportunities to view and collect his work.

“The Lost Waterfall”, 108″x65″, by artist Ernesto Ibañez

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February 5-8, 2020
Centro Citibanamex


March 8-21, 2020
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