Houston based Cothren Contemporary brings twenty one years of art world experience to the table. Our passion lies in building meaningful relationships between artists and collectors. Through education and exposure to what is possible, we are breaking down the perceived barriers to collecting art, creating the understanding that art is accessible, advocating for a more diverse and equitable representation of artists, and building relationships in a thriving art world. Our mission is to empower you, the collector, to create the unique and sacred art environment in which you will choose to thrive. Representing a wide variety of well established, gallery and museum collected contemporary artists, from Texas, New York, California, Mexico, and around the globe, Cothren Contemporary is uniquely positioned to assist each collector in their creative vision.

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In house art gazing, studio tours and ZOOM art conversation available by appointment.
CDC Covid-19 protocols will remain in place.

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5% of profits goes to Children at Risk

Children at Risk is THE public policy non profit, on the forefront of protecting the well being of Texas’ children. Five percent of art commissions received by Cothren Contemporary are donated to Children at Risk. Your sacred space provides their safe space. For more information:

“Content, Concept, Concept, Content”, by Jesse Amado

Artist Spotlight

Jesse Amado

“When I settle into the practice of art, past, and current, the one conceit that persistently unfolds is the desire to investigate the arc of the transmutation. This reflects my keen interest in the zeitgeist and the inherent dynamic qualities it possesses that address the trends and thoughts of particular periods of time. My work endorses the quality of change and how limitless and liberating it can be for an artist. It resists the formulaic and instead embraces the free association and process that reflects the Freudian play of the creative act. Utilizing forms, images, materials, fashions, and media of human industries; I’m able to produce commentaries on the ambiguities of modern and contemporary culture and the investments that are ultimately made by society.”

Please inquire with for opportunities to view and collect his work.

Art Happenings

LatinX Abstract 713 to 210
Withstand: LatinX Art in Times of Conflict

Withstand: LatinX Art in Times of Conflict
April 30-October 17, 2021
Holocaust Museum Houston

Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning

Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning
Levels and Layers: An Artist’s Reflections on the Third Ward
Thru September 19, 2021

Aldo Chaparro
on view at
Museo Joaquin Arcadio Pagaza
Centro Regional de Cultura
Valle de Bravo, MX

Luis Moro
“Yo Creo que las Nubes”
Luxe Perpetua Art Center
Merida, MX

Blue Star Contemporary
Doerte Weber
July 1 thru September 5, 2021

Book Club

We Are Here book cover

Cothren Contemporary’s relaunch in the HTX, with “LatinX Abstract: 713 to 210”, finds abundant inspiration from Jasmin Hernandez’ “WE ARE HERE Visionaries of Color Transforming the Art World”. Jasmin Hernandez is the founder of Gallery Gurls, and continues to be an important force for women and bipoc representation in the contemporary art world. Much gratitude to Fabian Flores LatinX Publishing for putting this book on our radar! Check FFP out, for all the fab LatinX reads you can dream of, at and @fabianflorespublishing. “WE ARE HERE”, available at Learn more about Jasmin Hernandez and Gallery Gurls at and @gallerygurls. Enjoy!

Nude Palette A Volley - book cover
Nude Palette A Volley - first page

Cothren Contemporary is incredibly excited to share this week’s art book favorite, highlighting contemporary artist Jill Moser and poet Anna Maria Hong’s collaboration, “Nude Palette A Volley”! Available online at and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC. We love flipping through these pages for a quick mood lift. It is quite literally a dose of juicy art therapy! Enjoy!